Welcome to Amrita Custom Elegance

Amrita Custom Elegance, is an exclusive design studio in Chennai owned by Radha Rajakrishnan. The speciality at Amrita Custom Elegance is bridal wear and attire eleganza. Radha helps design bridal wear, right from choosing the colours that suit each client and offers expert advice on the right material. Great care is taken to understand each bride’s tastes and specifications. She even specializes in choosing the appropriate accessories for each apparel she designs, be it bridal wear or other custom attire.
Her Cholis and Ghagras are a virtual feast to the eyes, a beautiful and amazing blend of textiles- Kalamkari, Madhubani, Benares Crepes, Georgettes, Appliqué work in rich colours and hues. She works on base colours in earthy tones that are then embroidered in shades of blues and greens or shocking pinks and oranges, transforming them into amazing pieces of art. She deals with stunning African ceramic bead jewellery- the international Kazuri brand

The highlight is that her enterprise and expertise does not end with just designing bridal attire or special occasion apparel. Her long stint with Singapore Airlines has stood her in good stead, paving the way for her to venture into personal grooming which is now gaining popularity.. The gamut of grooming, encompasses choice of right shades and patterns on the attire, which should be in sync with individual complexion and physique . The customers at the studio, get a bonus of “one on one” sessions, and fashion vogue.

“I would like to provide more employment to single women who are either divorced or widowed”- Radha quips, adding her mite to corporate social responsibility. The concentration will centre on embroidery and the associated exclusivity which will remain the forte. Her dream envisions creating an ‘ Iconique International Lifestyle’ for all eternity.